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Sep 2014

Wednesday’s Style – How to Prep for School Picture Day| Vancouver Family Photographer

wednesdays styleBack-to-school time is filled with excitement (fingers crossed we’ll be back in school before we know it!) – new classes, friends, clothes and even pictures. Sure, your kids have enough to worry about without stressing over their class photos. So here are some helpful tips on how to prep for school picture day – making it as painless as possible for them!

First thing’s first – the outfit is key. We’ve shared some great clothing choices for girls and boys here and here. Kids should look current yet classic – nothing too trendy or outrageous that will have them exclaiming “What was I thinking?!” in the years to come (although I’m sure we’ve all had this moment). Too many prints or colors can look jarring so stick to one statement and accessorize around it. Once the outfit is set, it’s time to think about grooming.

Again, this is not the time to experiment too much. Kids should look like their everyday selves, yet polished. Simple, natural hairstyles look best. And make sure you get them to brush their hair – or at least slip them a comb!

Finally, it may look silly but practicing the smile can be key to a great shot. The face should be relaxed – no over-sized grins please. And just think – don’t blink! Nothing’s worse than than getting the pictures back to see half-closed eyes. But if any small mishaps occur – there’s always the re-take day! Enjoy!

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