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Aug 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Back to School Style: Boys Edition | Vancouver Child Photographer

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We’ve already discussed back to school style for the girls, so of course we weren’t going to forget about the boys! Even if some of them don’t want to admit it, the boys care about their clothing just as much as the girls. So send them back to school looking their best. Here are some of the top trends this fall.

Tee shirts are always a popular option – but there are so many choices out there! Boys can’t go wrong with baseball tees this fall. They come in a ton of color combinations are are super soft and comfortable. Great for layering too! Button-down shirts in plaid and checkered patterns are also really big right now. And of course, graphic tees are another must-have. Whatever he’s into – there’s a tee to suit his style.

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We all know that jeans are a must-have but there are plenty of other types of pants out there. Cargo pants, khakis and corduroy are all making it big for the 2014 school year.

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Sneakers are another personal style choice and both high-tops and slip-on sneakers are big this fall. From solids to camouflage and everything in-between, get a few pair of kicks this new school year.

Recently Updated68Whatever your boys wear – just make sure they run a comb through their hair before class pictures!

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