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Mar 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – Easter Crafts – Vancouver Family Photographer

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Easter is early this year. So why not get a jump start on creating some fun and festive Easter crafts with your kids. Here are some great ideas to try this weekend.


These popsicle stick chicks are too cute and so easy to make. All you need are some sticks, yellow paint, construction paper and stick-on eyes. Give each one a different personality and maybe even get creative with the colors. These chicks are perfect to accessorize the kids table, add to an Easter basket or just display on the fridge.


This Easter egg project is a great way to use up any scrap paper lying around. All you need to do is cut out strips of different colored and patterned papers, glue them to white card stock and then lay another sheet of paper (with an egg-shaped cutout) over to create the perfect Spring Easter egg. This is where you can really let your creativity fly.


These plastic spoon bunnies make the perfect place settings for your Easter gathering. It’s so simple to create different bunnies with bow ties, fun outfits, baskets and more. All you need is the spoons, some paper, markers and a little bit of imagination.


The perfect accessory for your Easter gathering – a bunny mask. Just cut out the middle of a paper plate, add some bunny ears, whiskers and mount the whole thing to a stick to create an instant photo-worthy mask. Don’t stop at bunnies, you can also create chicks, lambs and whatever other Springtime animals you can think of.


Images via Pinterest

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