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Dec 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Holiday Photoshoot Styling | Vancouver Family Photographer

wednesdays style

Everyone wants to create that perfect holiday card. First place to start – the wardrobe. Here are some suggestions perfect for the whole family.

Go neutral and add pops of color. The holiday season is one filled with lots of fun and sparkle. Take some inspiration by incorporating bright pops of color and sparkle into your family’s outfits. Now don’t go overboard – you don’t want to look like discoballs! Some ways to incorporate this look is in a sparkly scarf or headband, bright-colored ties or belts, layering shirts or colorful shoes.


Be natural and casual. Be yourselves and don’t try too hard. OK – of course you want to look uniform and polished, but you don’t want to appear too matchy-matchy. Let your outfits compliment one another, but don’t go out of your way to color-coordinate. This can look a bit overdone. For example, if mom is in a blue dress, dad can wear a maroon sweater while the kids are in green, purple or other jewel-toned shades. Complimentary outfits without looking too costume-y.

If you want to add a fun touch or two, small, natural-looking Christmas trees, candy canes and other small and discreet props can look nice in holiday-themed photos. But again, less is more. Please don’t dress the family in Santa hats and Rudolph noses!


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