Workshop in Whistler | Vancouver, North Vancouver Child Photographer

I’m finally getting around to blogging photos from a fantastic workshop I took this past summer in Whistler, BC, through the Whistler Arts Council with Anastasia Chomlack. I’m normally photographing children in Vancouver and surrounding areas, and loved the opportunity to head up to gorgeous Whistler for a day of inspiration, fun, and shooting in new locations! Anastasia is an amazing artist and I really enjoyed listening to her share stories of her journey as a photographer. One of my favourite quotes of the day “Who I am as a mom, and who I am with my kids, makes me a better photographer.” This really resonated with me as I spend much of my time with my three year old – she inspires me and my work all the time. In addition to learning over coffee and delicious treats, we also spent some time outdoors photographing some styled shoots. I love the way Anastasia infuses so much creativity into her sessions, and enjoyed the storytelling in these photographs (definitely something I want to do more of). I don’t normally blog so many photos… but couldn’t resist here. Enjoy! And thank you Anastasia.

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  1. What a fun stylized shoot! Love them on the skate boards and their ‘fort’!

  2. Peggy says:


    I just came across your blog photos of the workshop you took with Anastasia last summer. I am the owner of the snow cone stand, frostbites, that you took pics of for part of that workshop. I just want to say, they are AMAZING! I love them so much. I was wondering how I might be able to purchase a couple of them from you…and if perhaps you might a few others you think I might like.

    Thanks, Peggy

    • meagan says:

      Hi Peggy. Thank you for your kind words – absolutely. Send me an email and I’ll get some of those photos of to you.

      Cheers, Meagan.

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