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Nov 2013

Wednesday’s Style – What to Wear, Ladie’s Edition

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We’ve spoken about what the men should wear to your family photo shoot, but what about the ladies? There are so many options out there and so many looks to consider.

It’s best to start with where the shoot will be taking place as well as the season in which you’ll be doing them. You don’t want to wear just a sundress in January (but you could layer it with cold weather accessories). Also, consider timeless styles. These pictures will be around forever, capturing important memories of your family. You don’t want to look too trendy so that years from now you’ll cringe at your outfit (hello crimped hair and leg warmers!) Go for classic styles that look modern and fresh but can stand the test of time.


Layering is always a good idea. This way you can always add or remove an item. A great scarf in a fun pop of color or a long cardigan paired with skinny jeans and tall boots is a casual yet polished look. Accessories like scarves and cardigans are versatile enough to work in all seasons – you can wear them with a skirt or dress or with a heavy coat.

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You want to look natural and polished so make sure your hair and makeup reflect who you are in real life. No fancy updos needed (unless you wear one on a regular basis). Play around with your outfit choices and have fun with it -that’s what it’s all about anyway!


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