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Jun 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Summer Session Ideas | Vancouver Child Photographer

wednesdays styleWhen it’s really hot out, you don’t want to think too much about looking perfectly put-together for a photo shoot. Summer is the time to play around and really have some warm weather fun. So here are some fun ideas to incorporate into a summer photo shoot session with your family.

Everyone loves ice cream right? Especially in the summer months! There’s nothing better than watching kids enjoy ice cream – so why not capture it on camera? The whole family can get in on the action. Just make sure you don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to get dirty- ice cream can be a messy affair! You can do the same set-up with watermelon, ice pops or any treat you prefer. Why not even shoot a watermelon seed contest? Sometimes the silliest shots are the best ones.

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Get in the water. Anything from splashing around in the pool, running through sprinklers or a good old-fashioned water balloon fight work well. Grab a bunch of colorful balloons and let loose. Or head to the beach for some great water shots – the sunset works especially well for beach shoots.


Capture your kids creative sides by getting some images of them drawing with sidewalk chalk. Pictures of you and them creating art together make for an amazing memory – especially since the chalk art is fleeting.  You can also get out some bubbles, pinwheels or anything you like and play around with those too!


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