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May 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Styling Your Extended-Family Photo Shoot – Family Photographer Vancouver

wednesdays styleWhen trying to style everyone for your family photo shoot, it can be a bit of a challenge coordinating outfits. If you add some extended-family into the mix such as grandparents, great-grandparents and maybe an aunt or uncle, things can get really tricky. Here are some tips to help make everyone look their best while complimenting one another.

It’s important for everyone to blend, but not to look too matched. You wouldn’t wear matching outfits normally right? There are too many photos out there with the entire extended family wearing the exact same colour – and even the same variation on an outfit. You don’t want to emulate this. Perhaps pick one accent colour and have everyone wear an accessory in that colour. Mom can wear a blue scarf while grandpa has a blue-striped shirt, the daughter wears a blue headband, etc. Similar tones are perfect.

You may consider wearing the same style of clothing so you look cohesive. By this, I mean if everyone is wearing jeans and grandma has on a formal gown, that’s not going to work. In the same vein if everyone is wearing summery clothing and dad shows up in a sweater vest, that won’t look right either. Talk with each other beforehand about what vibe you want the photos to portray. Do you want to look casual and candid or do you want a more formal feel to your photos? The location can also help determine the wardrobe.

The easiest thing is to all wear colors that compliment one another. You can decide that everyone will wear some kind of dark denim on the bottom whether it be jeans, shorts, a skirt, etc. and then wear complimentary colors on top. Again, they certainly don’t have to match – you just want to make sure they don’t clash!

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