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Oct 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Styling Your DIY Halloween Photo Shoot | Vancouver Child Photos

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Halloween is so much fun! Between the costumes, decor and the candy, what’s not to love? If you want to get some great photos of your family without breaking the bank, try creating your own photo shoot. Here are some fun ideas to help get you started.

Pick a location. You can do one or multiple, but just make sure to pick out spots in advance. If you’re going outside, be prepared for various changes in the weather when selecting costume options. You don’t want the little ones to freeze just for photo’s sake. If you’re staying indoors, set-up a dedicated photo shoot space. Perhaps put up a solid screen, large sheet or even some fun Halloween pumpkins, ghost and witch decor to serve as a backdrop. Just make sure whatever you choose doesn’t overpower your subjects!

Add fun props. It is a Halloween shoot after all, so go a little over-the-top with it! Funny wigs, hats, glasses, masks and more all serve as great accessories to add to your kids costumes. Get a few inexpensive Halloween decor items such as pumpkins, black cats, treat bags, skeletons and more to use as props during your shoot.

Play music. To help get the kids to loosen up a bit (especially while you’re behind the camera) put on a fun mix of Halloween-themed tunes to get them loosened up and dancing around. You can find playlists online to help really set the mood.

Enjoy your Halloween photo shoot and make it a yearly tradition!

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