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Mar 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Styling Kids for a Family Photo Shoot | Vancouver Family Portraits

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So you’ve booked an upcoming photo shoot for your family. Now it’s time to decide what everyone is going to wear. This time we’re going to focus on the kids. You don’t want them to look too costume-y or over-the-top. You want them to look like themselves, but maybe with a bit more polish.

This is not the time to experiment with new hairstyles or go for completely new looks. But you want your kids personalities to shine through and stand out. If your son loves to wear hats, let him try a few of his favorites in some of the shots. Is your daughter a fan of hair ribbons? Let her pick out some new ones to go with her outfit.

It’s best to work with complimentary colors for everyone – but you don’t want to match exactly. Start with a color palette and go from there. It’s fine to mix patterns – maybe dad is wearing a plaid shirt and your daughter is wearing a striped dress that picks up one of the colors in the plaid. Try to stay away from logos, characters or anything that may look completely dated in a few years time. You want your photos to look forever classic.

Most important of all, just stay true to yourself and your family’s style. Let your kids be themselves –  they just may surprise you.

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