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Jan 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Shooting in the Snow | Vancouver Family Photographer

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We don’t see much of it, but it does show up in the Lower Mainland on occasion. And, it’s easy to find at the local mountains or in Whistler. Taking family photos in the snow can present a bit of a challenge, but can also be a lot of fun and produce some really beautiful shots. Here are some tips and inspiration for making the most out of your snow-filled family photo shoot.

Be sure to wear vibrant colors in your clothes and accessories. The white of the snow provides a blank canvas so that your style can shine through. Have fun with it and be creative, maybe wear a royal blue coat and yellow hat or fuschia gloves with kelly green boots. Incorporate your outer wear as your wardrobe unless you want to end up an icicle at the end of the shoot!

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Snow and sun can be a bad mix. It’s easier to take photos during an overcast day in the snow, but if the weather’s not working in your favor, try to take your photos in the late afternoon as the sun is going down. One of the worst things is to look like you’re squinting in all of your pictures!

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Action shots are great. Maybe the kids can have a snowball fight, build a snowman or make snow angels (this can be fun for mom and dad too!) Use props like sleds to add to your experience. Enjoy your snowy session and make it a unique opportunity to get some shots you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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