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Jul 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Photo Shoot Ideas at the Beach | South Surrey Family Photographer

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If you’re like most people, you’ll be spending some time at the beach this summer. Why not have a family photo shoot when you’re there? Here are some fun ideas for maximizing your beach-themed shoot.

It may sound cliche, but white really pops against the backdrop of the beach. With the crystal blue water, sky and neutral sand, you want your clothes to look clean and bright. White really is the perfect choice for this effect.

Desktop7On the other hand, if you really want to stay away from white, go for bright colors – green, pink, yellow, orange, etc. The bold colors will really pop against the natural beauty of the beach setting.

Recently Updated51Hair should look neat but natural – you’re on a beach, not at a black-tie event. Women may want to think about bringing clips or hair ties in case you get a really windy day. Also, beware of tan lines with the clothes you choose. Nothing’s worse than a bathing suit strap mark with a strapless sundress!

It’s best to take your photos either very early or late in the day. You don’t want to be competing with the mid-day sun – everyone will be squinting! And if you can capture it, there’s nothing better than a sunset in the background. Have fun!

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