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Nov 2013

Wednesday’s Style – Photo Location Ideas – Vancouver Family Photogrpaher

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When planning your family photo shoot, it’s incredibly important to consider styling and wardrobe choices. But it’s just as crucial to figure out just where you’re going to stage the photos. A great location can really act as an important player in your photos. Here are some tips to think about when choosing a location.

The Seasons

Work with the season you’re in. You probably don’t want to be outside for too long in the middle of the winter. But you can get a few great shots in a short period of time outdoors. Snow makes for a beautiful backdrop, as do autumn leaves or spring blossoms. A beach setting is perfect in the summer, but it can also work well in cooler weather – providing an interesting contrast between nature and wardrobe.

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Special Significance

Maybe you got engaged at a local park. Now years later you’re doing a family shoot with your children. Consider taking some pictures at that park. It’s fun to see how your family has evolved over the years while keeping the location steady.

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Go Indoors

Everyone loves to make nature a part of their family photography session but what about the great indoors too? A session with your new baby in their nursery that you designed or a multi-generational shoot at your grandmother’s house can hold great meaning and significance. Utilize your own surroundings – it can make your photos that much more special.

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