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Jan 2015

Wednesday’s Style – New Year, New You | Vancouver Family Photographer

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Happy 2015! I’m sure if you’re like most people, you’ve made some resolutions for the new year. If one of them was about updating your style, here are some ways in which to do so now. And all easily and affordably!


This is by far the easiest way to update your look. The winter can get pretty long and cold so a few bright pops of color can really go a long way into keeping your spirits up through the frost. Try a fun pair of shoes in an unexpected hue like purple or green. Or go for an orange or pink statement necklace. Another great way to add color is through a handbag. A bright-colored bag looks especially fantastic against a neutral coat in black, gray or camel.



Going on the other end of the spectrum,  buying a winter coat in a funky color or pattern can really help make you stand out against the sea of neutral. This is the best time to buy as the stores are currently making room for spring and summer inventory. Whether it’s a wool coat, puffer jacket or trench, get a little daring and test out the rainbow!



When we think winter, we usually think of dark, matte nails. But who says you have to stick to rules? Once again, color is key. Nails are so easy and inexpensive to play around with because there are so many color options out there. Have fun with it and experiment with colors, patterns and even embellishments. And don’t worry, spring will be here before we know it!




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