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Apr 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Mother’s Day Attire

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Surely you’ll want to do something special as a family this Mother’s Day. Perhaps that includes taking a family photo or two (even if it’s the waiter at the restaurant that’s taking it for you!) In any case, you’ll want to look stylish whether you’re going out to brunch or spending the day at the park. Here are some ideas to help make you look and feel your best on this special day.

If dresses are your style, consider a maxi dress that can be accessorized. Something solid or in a neutral stripe pattern lends itself to being dressed-up with a funky scarf, statement necklace, colorful belt and more.

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If pants are more your speed, a great pair of jeans can really be a neutral base that you can dress up or down. Make sure to go for a dark wash and straight leg to look the most polished. Pair them with a blazer, light cardigan or long, colorful tunic. A fun pair of shoes in a bright color can really add dimension to an otherwise simple outfit.

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And if you’re spending time outside, don’t forget your sunglasses! There are so many stylish pairs out there in neutrals, bold colors and even textures like woods and leathers. Be sure to pick the right frame for your face shape and you’re sure to be the most stylish mom out there!

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