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Mar 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Fresh Hairstyle Inspiration – Vancouver Family Photographer

Springtime always makes me think of fresh, new beginnings. And what better time than to try out a new hairstyle? If you have a family photo shoot coming up, you may want to try your new hair out well before the scheduled photos.

Quick tip – it’s always best to cut your hair at least a week or two before photos so that the new style has time to settle in. You probably don’t want to make a drastic change, but a slight and  simple adjustment can make a world of difference and really freshen up your look.

For men, if you’ve been rocking that Duck Dynasty look all Winter, perhaps it’s time to shave off the facial hair (or at least groom it) and go for a fresh start. Again, you don’t want to have a shave right before your photo session – you need to allow time for any redness and irritation to subside. A quick hair trim is in order as well. Perhaps try out a new part or add some product into your hair to create some texture and volume.

Recently Updated12Ladies, now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your color. I’m not talking drastic measures like going from dark auburn to blonde, but some subtle highlights, ombre or a glaze can really do wonders to update your ‘do. A quick trim and adding some long layers will give your hair volume and bounce. You can even play around with adding some layered braids into your hair for added texture.

Recently Updated13Kids can really have fun and play around with different accessories. Depending on their age, girls can wear pigtails, braids or even soft curls in their hair. Boys can try out hats and also play with texture just like dad. A fresh trim is always in order – and make sure to run a brush or comb through their hair right before the shoot!

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