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Sep 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Fall Photo Shoot Locale Ideas | Fall Family Photography

wednesdays styleThe fall season can act as an amazing backdrop for a family photo shoot. With all of the colors of the changing leaves juxtaposed against a sunny sky, you can really get some amazing shots. Here are some location ideas for your next fall photo shoot.

A local park is always a good choice. All of the natural greenery means plenty of trees, leaves and the like. Find some wide open spaces to really let the beauty of the nature shine through.

If you live near a waterfront location, this can also be a fantastic idea for the fall. The cool air paired with a bright sky gleaming off of the water can make for some truly spectacular shots. If you’re not in a city setting, the beach or lakefront can work just as well. Just make sure to dress for the cooler weather!

Speaking of the city – the mix of natural elements paired with the backdrop of a tall building, colorful brick wall or even a door can really make your fall photos pop. And if the day happens to be overcast instead of sunny, that can give your photos some really wonderful contrast. Enjoy!

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