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Feb 2015

Wednesday’s Style – DIY Photo Shoot and Gifts for Valentine’s Day – Vancouver Family Photographer

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Valentine’s Day is a bit over a week away. If you like to exchange gifts with loved-ones, how about staging a mini photo shoot and creating photo gifts. It can be a lot easier than you think. Here are a few tips to pull it all off!

Think pink (and red). These are the colors we tend to think of for Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and dress like Cupid. Just use a few sparing pops of the colors to complete your outfit. Some examples are red sneakers, a pink scarf or belt, red necklace or earrings or maybe even some sparkly red and pink nail polish.


Be creative and have fun. This isn’t mean to be your next professional family portrait, just something fun to give as a gift to grandma. Create a fun heart-themed backdrop right in your home or take it outside for some quick family photos. You can even act goofy – as long as everyone’s having fun, it will shine through in the pictures.

Get some plain frames to decorate and frame your favorite shots. You can also craft your own cards with the photos or something more adventurous such as notebooks, magnets and more. This is a gift from the heart (pun-intended) so it does not need to be perfect – just thoughtful.




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