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Apr 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Create an Over-the-Top Easter Bonnet | Vancouver Child Photographer

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Since Easter is on it’s way, why not do a fun and creative Easter-themed craft with your kids? It’s a perfect craft idea for one of the rainy spring days we’ve been having. Easter bonnets have been part of the holiday outfit for many years and there are so many variations out there. Of course you could go for classic, but why not create something fantastically over-the-top? Here are some ideas to help you and the kids make some outrageous hats.

First you’ll need the base. You could go to an off-price retailer to find a plain and inexpensive hat or you can go to the craft store to buy a styrofoam hat-shaped form in which to build on. If you really want to DIY, just use a trusty paper plate. Once you have the base (and a glue gun), the fun can really begin. Let your kids come up with some themes they really love and just take it from there. You can do all-Easter and create a hat that resembles a basket complete with chicks, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Or a Spring-themed hat with loads of colorful flowers, butterflies and the like.

Don’t forget, boys can get in on the action too. Perhaps make theirs a baseball hat. They can go with a favorite sports theme like baseball or hockey, make a Lego hat or even dinosaurs or cars. The only thing that could possibly limit you is your imagination. Go wild and then remember to do a mini photo shoot where your kids can show off their creations and where you can get some wonderfully memorable shots to marvel at for years to come.

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