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Jun 2014

Wednesday’s Style – Be Your Own Photographer | Vancouver Family Photographer, Abbotsford Family Photographer

wednesdays styleYou can’t always have a professional photographer with you to capture those candid, everyday moments of your family (but wouldn’t that be nice!). Since that’s not the case for many life moments, here are some tips and tricks for capturing those special shots of your kids that will be cherished forever. I do recommend getting your family pictures taken every one -two years, especially when kids are young.

Keep your kids engaged. If you’re interacting with them, acting silly and making funny faces, that will get them going too and you never know just what you may capture on film. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously – that’s usually when the best moments happen.

Play around with perspective. Instead of always being right in front of your kids, catch them from the sides and even the back. You never know what they might do when they think you’re not looking.

There’s beauty in the seemingly mundane. It’s really those everyday moments that are the ones that are so special. Even if it’s just your son eating an ice cream cone or your daughter reading a book, it’s a special moment in time that deserves attention. Look for those quiet, little moments instead of trying to make everything a grand gesture.

If you’re taking photos outside, it’s best to do them as the sun is just coming up or just setting. A cloudy or overcast day is also ideal as trying to avoid direct sunlight can get a little tricky.

Try to get in the picture as much as possible. No you don’t need to be in every shot, but chances are you have hundreds of pictures of your kids but not nearly as many of you with them. It’s so important to be in some shots with them – as those are the moments you’ll want to remember most of all.

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