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Nov 2013

Wednesday Style: Tonal Dressing – Creating a Cohesive Look

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Your family photo shoot is a time for your family to really shine. It’s important to think about the wardrobe each member of the family will wear. One fun idea is to dress in tonal shades that compliment one another without looking too uniform or matchy-matchy. You want to all blend together without looking like you tried too hard. Here are some ideas and inspiration to help guide your wardrobe choices.

Pick an accent color that everyone in the family can wear in some way. Perhaps mom wears a green sweater while dad sports a green tie and the kids use green accessories such as sneakers and headbands. This way, there is a cohesive thread that connects everyone without it being too obvious. Play around with the other colors each person wears. Perhaps dad is in a great pair of dark denim while mom wears a black wool skirt and the kids wear shades of gray and navy.

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You can also blend colors that compliment one another and use them in unexpected combinations. For example, if one person is wearing a rust color, someone else can wear plum while a third can be in navy. These colors blend well together without all being too similar.

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Remember, the key is to look like you belong together without it looking too overt. Here’s an example of what not to do – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a family uniform. But you do want to look great in your pictures!


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