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Oct 2013

Wednesday Style – Photo Shoot Hair Styling – Family Photography Vancouver

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When planning for your fall family photo shoot, deciding what to wear can be daunting enough. But once you’ve finally found the perfect outfits, it’s time to think about the hair. Now is not the time for fancy up-do’s or a dramatic colour change. If you’re planning on getting your hair cut, it’s best to do so two weeks prior to the shoot so it has time to settle into its style. You want your hair to look natural, but in a polished way. Here are some quick tips for the whole family.


Keep it natural, but take some extra time to make sure your hair has body and shine. Soft-hold hairspray or a dab of styling paste helps keep your hair in place, especially when your shoot is outside. In case of windy weather, take along some hair pins.



It’s a bit easier for the men – you want your hair to be neatly styled the day of the family photo session. If you don’t have facial hair, make sure you’re cleanly shaven as close as possible to the shoot. Remember to use a moisturizing after-shave to avoid bumps and redness. If you have a beard or mustache, it should be neatly trimmed.



Again, neat and natural is key – but feel free to have a bit of fun with it. Boys can add some product into their hair like a mousse or gel for better hold and extra style. They can also play around with wearing hats for some of the photos. For the girls, soft curls, long braids or even pig tails can elevate their photo-ready look. They can also try different accessories like headbands or bows.


Enjoy your family photo session – this is your time to shine!

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