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Jan 2014

Sunday’s Showcase – What to do with your Hoilday Cards

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The holidays are a wonderful time. Receiving greetings from family and friends is always welcome, especially when they send holiday cards. But what do you do with the cards once the season is over? Simply throw them away? Relegate them to a box? Well, here are some alternate ideas for what you can do with your cards.

Digitize them to create a lasting memory. You can find a fairly inexpensive digital picture frame, scan all of your holiday cards and add them to a rolling display in the frame. Easy and space-saving as well!


If this isn’t your style, another use for old holiday cards is to repurpose them. You can create gift tags, ornaments and more just by utilizing different parts of the cards you received. If you’re a crafter or scrapbooker, the cards are perfect for gathering images, phrases and more for your holiday montage.

repurposing-old-cards handmade-gift-tags

Finally, look into donating the cards to a charitable organization. There are some that will take your old cards, repurpose them into new cards and then sell them to raise funds that benefit the organization. And doing good for others is always one of the best parts of the holiday season.

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