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May 2013

Sunday Showcase | Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase
If I’ve learned one thing as a photographer, it’s that pictures taken (even by a professional), rarely get displayed and enjoyed properly. We’re all guilty of it – taking an endless supply of images with the many digital cameras available to us (I think I have like 5 different camera aps on my Iphone alone), and not giving them the exposure they deserve. Photos are memories, and I love looking back at photos I’ve taken as early as yesterday, and remembering the reason I snapped the picture and the emotion I felt in that moment. That’s where my newest weekly blog feature – Sunday Showcase – is going to help. I’m going to share some of the many ways you can display your beautiful images for your family and others to enjoy. Stay tuned… there’s lots to come on Sundays. First up… beautifully printed albums (a product I’m in love with).

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Images courtesy of The Dream Album Company.

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