Sunday's Showcase - Valentine's Crafts for Kids - Vancouver, South Surrey Family Photographer - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Feb 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – Valentine’s Crafts for Kids – Vancouver, South Surrey Family Photographer

sunday showcase

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, sit down with the kids to have some fun making these festive holiday crafts. Perfect to give to classmates, teachers, grandparents or just to display around the house. And the best part, they’re easy and make a minimal mess. Enjoy!


Bee Mine – all you need is some colored paper, glue and a little creativity. Cut out shapes to create a bee and write fun notes on the pink heart. It’s easy to make multiples of these festive Valentines to give out to classmates.



To make this sweet heart wreath all you’ll need to do is cut cardboard into the shape of a heart and glue on a variety of colorful pom poms. You can find a wide variety of colors and sizes at your local craft store. Get creative and add glitter, colored buttons, stickers and more to really personalize it. Hang from string or right on your door to welcome guests.



We all discard plenty of cardboard tubes each year. Instead of throwing them out, save them up to make fun crafts throughout the year. This love bug is the perfect size for little hands. Just some colorful paper, markers, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners will create this silly and cute Valentine.




Another craft that can be made with common household items. All you’ll need is a small canvas or just some heavy stock paper as well as some colorful paints. Trace out a heart shape in the middle then dip cotton balls into the paints and create a frame for the heart. Let your imagination run wild by adding glitter, puffy paints and other fun items. Kids can add their photo in the middle for a sweet Valentine’s gift for a parent or grandparent.


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