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Mar 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Vancouver Family Photographer

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Even if you’re not Irish, they say everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Show your green by trying out some of these fun craft ideas with your kids. Don’t feel particularly crafty? Don’t worry – the luck of the Irish will be on your side, we promise!


Making a rainbow is as easy as uncapping a colorful array of paints. Just pour out each color and dip the corresponding cap, pressing down on the paper until you have a complete rainbow. Draw in your pot of gold and add some glitter for a festive effect. Voila!



This one seriously could not be any easier. Create stamped shamrocks just by using a pepper that’s cut in half and some green paint. You don’t even need to use a green pepper – red, orange, yellow – any will do! This is also a great way to create a larger project like cards for a group.



Ah – we’re all looking for that pot of gold, but sometimes a pot of chocolate can be even better! All you need is a flower pot that can be purchased at your local craft or garden store, some paint, glitter and a little imagination. Create a glitter shamrock on the front of the pot (or get fancy and make a rainbow), then fill it with your favorite gold-foiled candies for a sweet treat.




Make your own leprechaun mask using just some paper plates, construction paper and markers or paints. Cut out the center of the plate to create a silly mask and start snapping away. You’ll be sure to look back on these photos and laugh.


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