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Apr 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Spring Tabletop Decor – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase


I hope you had  a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with big celebrations. Here are some festive Spring decor tips to use for your next gathering.

Adding things like natural greenery to your table can really help give it vibrancy and life. It doesn’t have to be just flowers. Small leaves, buds and even a gathered bunch of branches in a vase can help add dimension as well as a natural element to your table decor.

Mix and match your tableware. No need to make everything look completely uniform. You can have fun mixing a variety of patterns and colors with your plates, glasses, napkins and more. Remember, items that compliment one another do not need to be match-matchy.

Use candles to your desired lighting effect. No one likes bright, harsh lighting. Candles can add a certain ambience to the table. One fun idea for displaying candles is floating in a large cylinder of water with either fresh fruit slices or flower buds. Try to use unscented candles as you don’t want the strong scents to compete with the meal.

If you’re making place cards, why not have some fun with them. You can find favorite photos of each of your guests and use those as the place cards. Even better, ask your guests ahead of time to send you shots of them as kids – everyone will get a kick at finding their spot and identifying each other in their younger years!




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