Sunday's Showcase - Spring Crafts for Kids - Vancouver Family Photographer - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
May 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Spring Crafts for Kids – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Spring is a time for bright colors, beautiful flowers and sunny days. Bring the beauty inside with some fun and easy crafts you can create with your kids. Let the colors of the season inspire them and remember to take some creative license. Enjoy!

The chia pet has nothing on this craft! Take some silly photos of your kids, paste them on plastic cups and add some seeds. In no time, they’ll be sprouting green “hair.”


Nothing says spring more than beautiful flowers. Let your kids create their own colorful bouquets with some of these fun craft ideas.


All you need is a cut-up egg carton, some buttons and pipe cleaners. Instant bouquet!



If you have some empty water bottles lying around, you can make flowers just by dipping the bottom into some paint. How clever!


Butterflies are another sure sign of spring and certainly very craft-able. Here are just a few ideas to try out.


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Happy crafting!


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