Sunday's Showcase - Spring Cleaning - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
May 2014

Sunday’s Showcase – Spring Cleaning

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Springtime means warmer weather, blooming flowers and shining sun. But it also means it’s time for Spring cleaning and getting organized. Here are some tips for getting your home looking its best this Spring.

Start with the windows – a squeaky clean window will really let the light shine into your home. This will optimize the natural light in your home. To compliment the sun’s rays, add some bright and cheerful drapes to your windows to brighten and change-up your space.

Take stock of your bedding – there’s nothing better than sleeping on a fresh set of sheets. Of course, we know you clean your sheets constantly, but change them up in the Spring to a lighter, more breathable set. If you had flannel sheets for the Winter, swap them for an Egyptian cotton. While you’re at it, a light quilt or new duvet can really freshen up your bedroom. Add in some new throw pillows and maybe even some new lighting, and you’ve got a quick and easy bedroom makeover.

Get organized – it’s time to start filing (or shredding) those piles of papers you’ve probably accumulated all Winter. A new filing system or desk organizer can do wonders. There are so many stylish options out there – from boxes and bins, to file folders and more. You can also scan important documents like invoices and receipts and create a digital filing system -brilliant!

Clean out the kitchen – if you’re like most people, there’s probably more than a few items in your fridge that you can’t even remember buying! Same goes for the cabinets and pantry. Check expiration dates – if it’s not good, or you haven’t used it in a while, toss it. Make room for fresh produce and healthy items that will inspire your culinary adventures this Spring and Summer.

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