Sunday's Showcase - New Year Photo Update - Vancouver Family Photographer - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Jan 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – New Year Photo Update – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and time for a fresh start. If you think some of your framed family photos are getting a bit dated and stale, now’s the time to change them up a bit. Don’t worry if you haven’t done the big family photo session quite yet, there are other ways to freshen things up. And – spring is a great time for photo sessions as outside looks gorgeous. Pop me an email if you want to get on the calendar.

Take stock of the framed photos you already have displayed. Chances are, if you change out a frame or two or replace a few photos with recent family holiday pictures, you’ll be able to create a brand new display with little effort.

Another idea is to update your gallery walls. If you have clusters of favorite family snapshots, add in some artwork or other objects like mirrors, wooden arrows, etc. into the gallery to give it that fresh, new look. Or just change out the frames or ways the photos are displayed to create added visual interest. Here’s to a great start to the year!


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