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Feb 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – New Photo Display Ideas – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Everyone loves to display their family photos and each family has different ideas on how best to display them. The gallery wall or stairway has been very popular in recent years, as has clusters of tabletop frames that can be easily switched out.

But what are some of the new and up-and-coming ideas? Time to think a bit outside the box with these new trends in family photo displays.


Less formal than a traditional gallery wall, this formation allows for easy change-outs and a more casual feel. Mix framed images with ones simply tacked to the wall to create a fresh and modern feel.


Displaying large-scale black & white shots over an unexpected space such as a desk, kitchen or dining area can add dramatic visual interest.



If you’re looking for a major focal point – try this idea. Gather up tons of your favorite family photos to organize in one large frame. This will surely have your guests talking – and staring.



Another bold feature you can create is to actually take a favorite family photo and blow it up into a large wallpaper background. Talk about an accent wall!


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