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Apr 2014

Sunday’s Showcase – How to Style Your Coffee Table | Vancouver Family Photographer

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We all have one somewhere in our living space – the coffee table. To some, it’s just another piece of furniture while to others, it’s like an ever-changing art installation. Here are some tips on how to style your own coffee table to suit your tastes and decor. And remember, all of these items are easy to change up as often as you like.

Make it personal – display some of your favorite items. Perhaps you have a much-loved vase, paperweight or decorative object. Use these items to create a unique display in your home.

Books are an easy way to add color and interest to your table. Plus, an intriguing book may catch the eyes of your visitors and spark up a conversation. A signature album from your child or family photo session would make a perfect addition to a coffee table. I know that’s where I keep mine for folks to flip through whenever.

Fresh flowers are always welcome. So as not to overwhelm the space with a large, tall arrangement, use a small bud vase or even float a few petals in a shallow vessel.  Flowers not only bring in color, but also add a fresh scent.

Another way to add scent and warmth is with candles. There are so many varieties of beautiful candles on the market that it’s easy to create a mood just by switching up your scents. As the weather gets warmer, fresh, clean scents are the way to go.

A beautiful tray is a fantastic way to pull all of these items together. You can use it create a vignette of books, flowers, candles, etc. Play around with your displays, placements and objects and use your imagination to create a space that’s special to you!

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