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Jun 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Father’s Day Crafts – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Since today is Father’s Day, it might be nice to gather up the kids and make dad some personalized crafts. While he’s firing up the grill for a BBQ, you can join the kids in creating some special gifts for dad. Happy Father’s Day!


A perfect craft for toddlers, grab some paint and let them create foot and handprints to create super hero dad! This is one dad will treasure for a long, long time.



Every child thinks their dad is the World’s Best Dad, so why not make him his own special medal? All you need is some colored paper, paper plate, markers and glitter to show dad he’s the best there is.


Goodie bags were so much fun to get when you were a kid. How about the kids make one for dad? Just take a plain paper bag, create a tie with some construction paper and viola. Fill the bag with some of dad’s favorites such as golf tees, scratch-off tickets, candy, and more. Or create your own personalized cards to fill it with such as cards for a pancake breakfast, round of golf and more.


Such a simple and fun idea. Find some good-sized rocks in the yard, paint them and give them to dad as a paperweight. Be as creative as you want!


If you don’t have the time to go professional, make your own version of this “DAD” block stack. You can cut out some of your favorite photos of dad with the kids and glue them on to clear plastic cubes. Instant hit.


Images via Pinterest

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