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Jul 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – Family Vacation Keepsakes – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

This is the time of year when most people go on memorable summer vacations. Of course, they’ll be plenty of picture-taking when away. But what to do with them all when you get back home?

One fun idea is to create a photo memory box. Create prints of some of your favorite images of vacation to decorate the box. Then inside, add more prints of important moments, fun places visited, etc. along with trinkets from vacation. This can be anything from seashells, matchbooks, ticket stubs, brochures and more.

An alternate idea – but along the same lines is to make a shadowbox filled with photos and memorabilia from your trip. You can display it for all to see and can even have each child make their own special one to keep in their rooms.

They’re both¬†great ways to create unique keepsakes to look back on whenever the mood strikes.



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