Sunday's Showcase - Fall Preview: Home Edition | Fall Family Photos Vancouver - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Aug 2014

Sunday’s Showcase – Fall Preview: Home Edition | Fall Family Photos Vancouver

sunday showcase

Fall always seems like a time of renewal. The kids are going back to school and it’s a great time to start fresh. This should also include your home. Why not spruce up your space with some new decor? One of the easiest ways to change up your home is by refreshing your photo frames and arrangements.

Mix it up and get creative. No need for a monochromatic color palette. Sometimes a well-placed pop of color in the midst of an all-black or silver display can really help create visual interest. It’s also a good idea to mix textures and sizes. Create a display on a sideboard, entry table or of course, on the wall.

Recently Updated66Dark wood tones are a perfect material for fall – especially those that are reclaimed or have a rustic look to them. Or try something a little different by using frames made of leather or covered in wool or flannel fabric to really bring the season inside. Whatever you choose, enjoy the process. Home decor is never “done”, it is ever-evolving.

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