Sunday's Showcase - Fall Crafts - Vancouver Family Photographer, Langley Family Photographer - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Nov 2016

Sunday’s Showcase – Fall Crafts – Vancouver Family Photographer, Langley Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Even though it seems like the stores are pushing the Christmas holidays, it’s still Fall outside. What better time than now to create some cute autumnal crafts with the kids. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects that are super easy and fun to make for even your littlest ones. Enjoy!


How cute is this leaf turkey? And so simple! Just cut construction paper into a circle and gather up fallen leaves to glue on to create the turkey’s feathers. Maybe add some glitter glue if you’re feeling extra festive.


This friendly scarecrow is easy for kids to create. All you need are some popsicle sticks to glue together, goggly eyes, felt or construction paper for the hat and some straw. Perhaps add a magnet to the back so the kids can put their masterpieces right on the kitchen fridge.


A festive fall wreath that little hands can help make. Trace your child’s hand in a variety of colored paper then help them cut them out and overlap in a circle to create a wreath. On each hand write something that you love to do in the fall or perhaps things you’re thankful for. Add a ribbon on the bottom, hang with some twine and voila, instant decor!


This sun catcher is so pretty and takes no time at all. Simply trace a leaf shape onto wax paper and cut up different colors of tissue or construction paper. Glue the papers all over the leaf shapes, overlapping to create a variety of colors. Cut out and hang on a window that gets plenty of sun to enjoy your works of art.



Images via Pinterest


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