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Mar 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Easy Easter Crafts for Kids – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Easter is coming soon! Of course, everyone likes to decorate eggs, fill Easter baskets and eat way too much chocolate. In addition to all of that fun stuff, here are some easy Easter crafts to try out with your kids. Enjoy!


Marshmallow treats are always a hit! Why not change them up a bit for Easter and make them in egg shapes? Just fit the treats into a plastic egg and let them mold to the shape before removing. Extra bonus – add some small candies to the middle of the treats before shaping as a fun surprise!


This craft is easy even for your youngest kids. Just grab some water-based paints, a bunch of cotton balls and go to town. You can draw whatever shape you want Рegg, bunny, chick, basket, etc. Or if you want them to look really perfect, print out shapes you can find online. Dip, press and voila!


This is another sweet idea. Use your child’s handprint to help create a bunny painting. They can decorate the finished product with whatever they like – glitter, buttons, googly-eyes and so much more.


If you need another idea for filling the Easter baskets or you’re heading over to someone else’s house for the celebration, try making these carrot-shaped treat bags. All you need is a large plastic baggie, some cheddar cheese snacks and green streamers. So simple!


Make your own bunny masks just by using paper plates and some construction paper. This is especially handy to create your own Easter-themed photo booth. Make a variety of masks in different colors and animals and let your kids take pictures of the whole family.



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