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Sep 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Displaying Kids Art – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Now that school’s starting up again, chances are your kids will be bringing home lots of new art. Instead of just hanging it on the fridge, here are some fun and creative ways to display their masterpieces.

Try a revolving art gallery. It’s easy to create a gallery wall of art then switch out the pieces when the mood strikes. A perfect place to do so is in the family room, den or playroom. Kids will love to see their artworks displayed in such an important way.

Hang art projects using some simple rope and clothespins. Pick a blank wall space and display the art like garland. It’s fun to let the kids help organize their pieces and switch them up whenever they want.

Utilize a large cork board or magnetic chalk board to create an entire wall collage of art. Display it prominently in the kitchen, workspace or anywhere that is handy and well-trafficked to really let your kids talents shine.

If storing each and every piece becomes bulky, think about scanning everything and creating a photo book online of all of the pieces. It’s a great way to preserve them for years to come and kids will get a kick out of looking back at all their masterpieces.




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