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Apr 2014

Sunday’s Showcase – Create a Photo Book for Mom

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Surely your mom must have stacks of old photo albums filled with pictures of all of her children and grandchildren. But no matter how many she has, there’s always room for one more. Since Mother’s Day is coming up soon, this may be a good time to create a special book to celebrate mom.

Instead of just doing a straightforward photo book, why not be a bit creative and think outside the box? Here are some ideas that will make mom smile.

Create a book all about holidays. You can include images of yourself growing up, your children and even your mom and dad through the years. Holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween make for some truly great imagery. And having the ability to see the changes (and styles!) through the years will surely elicit a lot of smiles and laughs. Similarly, you can make a book featuring a timeline of family birthdays. This is a great way to look back and celebrate one another.

If mom loves to cook why not make a book that includes some of her favorite recipes? You can include candid photos of family dinners, images of the meals and fond memories of times shared together over food. Mom will certainly appreciate this special gesture – and it’s a handy place to have her recipes all in one place.

A really fun idea is to find childhood pictures of you, your kids and your mom and find the similarities in them. Putting a photo of your mom at 7 years old next to one of your daughter at the same age can really be an amazing sight to see. Have fun with it and be creative – whatever you do, mom will be sure to love it.



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