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Mar 2015

Sunday’s Showcase – Crafts for St. Pat’s – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you’re not of Irish decent – isn’t everyone Irish on St. Patrick’s Day? In anticipation of this fun holiday, here are some cool crafts to try with the kids. Easy and inexpensive, they’re the perfect way to spend a day indoors.

This is so cute and clever! Just slice a pepper in half (it doesn’t even have to be green!) Dip it in green paint and stamp out shamrock shapes to decorate.


Another take on this craft – instead of peppers, use your child’s handprint to make their own unique shamrock shapes.


Create a rainbow at which to find your pot of gold by gluing colorful cereal pieces onto a sheet of paper and using cotton balls to make clouds. Pot of gold not included!


If you’d rather your crafts involve food of the edible kind (and really, who doesn’t?), a bit of rice cereal mixed with green food coloring and colorful marshmallow bits create delicious, St. Patrick’s Day-worthy treats.



Whatever you do, enjoy making memories with your kids. And don’t forget to photograph your kids with their finished projects – to really help make those memories last a lifetime!


Images via Pinterest

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