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Nov 2013

Sunday Showcase – Displaying Photo Albums – Vancouver Family Photographer

sunday showcase

Over the years, I am sure your family has amassed many, many photos. Even in the digital age, there is just something special about keeping printed photographs. But what to do with them all? Of course you can organize them into albums and photo boxes. But instead of just shoving these albums into a closet, you should find a way to incorporate them into your living space decor. That way when guests come over, they can leisurely thumb through an album or two, and discover some fun family memories. Here is some inspiration to get started.

Organize photos into color-coded albums by year, special event, etc. and display on a shelf.
Coffee tables displays are great because they look fresh and modern and can be changed easily and often
The addition of objects add dimension to a table display
These colorful albums are part of a whole shelving vignette of personal and meaningful items
Use fun fabrics to wrap your albums and compliment your decor
Another interesting idea is to create a vertical wall display in which you can easily change out the albums
Another beautiful table display

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