Glimpses 52 Project: Week 27 | Langley Child Portraits

This week I’m so excited to share a collection of child portraits of my little girl. You see her every week… but these are so much fun. I want to create a wall in my office with a grouping of portraits so we went out for a mini session this past week. Gwenneth has such an amazing personality, and to me – it screams out of these photographs. Here’s my Chic Critique Forum Glimpse for week 27 – sassy Gwenneth in her new dress from Joe Fresh.

Gwenneth loves to sing, and she danced around the field singing with her flowers. Here, she’s copying what I’m doing. Blocking out that sun while my camera focuses.

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3 Responses to Glimpses 52 Project: Week 27 | Langley Child Portraits

  1. These are amazing. I love the blown out look of the sun. The subject is pretty cute too.

  2. Karla says:

    Gorgeous!!! both your photos and little G! Stunning shots Megs…

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