Glimpses 52 Project - Week 2 - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Jan 2012

Glimpses 52 Project – Week 2

It’s only week two and I’m four days late posting my glimpse. Yikes. I better do something to remind myself before each Saturday. But, it’s better late than never, so here’s my week two of the Chic Critique Forum’s Glimpses 52 Project.

This weeks photos are from a trip to Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos, Costa Rica. We got to spend a morning walking around the jungle looking for wildlife. Which is why I found it so interesting to see a “telefono” out in the middle of nowhere. It was probably the last thing I’d expect to find in a tranquil jungle park.

In addition to the phone booth, we saw lots of tropical birds, a dear, sloths, racoons, and of course – Monkeys. These monkey’s are tricky – they’ll steal your lunch if you aren’t careful. Luckily we learned our lesson in the past when a monkey stole our daughters bottle – so we kept our things close.

Enjoy week two.


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