Glimpses 52 Project | Week 18 - Vancouver Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
May 2012

Glimpses 52 Project | Week 18

I read something recently that made me think about what I might be missing hanging out behind the camera all the time. Are we too busy taking photographs of our lives to actually enjoy the moment we’re capturing? I’ll be honest, I do feel that way sometimes, but also know when to put the camera away and just be “in the moment”. My daughter and I went down to White Rock beach to enjoy some of the late afternoon sun this past week. She felt so free exploring the rocky shorelines, balancing on the train tracks, and collecting shells. Of course I took advantage of this cuteness to snap a few photos of her being a diva for the camera – but I also spent lots of time enjoying our time at the beach. I just love this collection of photos and thought they’d be perfect for my Chic Critique Forum¬†weekly glimpse – especially the ones taken at a fun new location we discovered. What does a fish say?

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