When should I book my session with Vancouver’s Child Photographer – Meagan Baker?

As soon as possible, and whenever you like. I photograph children and families year-round – in the bliss of spring, heat of summer, colours of fall, and chill of winter. Every season is different and gorgeous to photograph in.

Where will our session take place?

I have a number of favourite locations that I’ll share with you for consideration. It’s important for you and yours to be as comfortable as possible – so the choice is up to you. We can hold the session at your home, a park, the beach, or the city – whatever suits your fancy. I shoot using natural, available light and tend to hold sessions in the morning or late afternoon. I’m also happy to travel to various communities within the Lower Mainland for a session.

What should we wear?

The best child and family photographs are taken when you are happy, rested, and comfortable. I encourage you to wear something that makes you and your children feel your finest. Simple clothing choices are best for creating timeless portraits; however, a pop of colour can give your photos a fun and modern look. If you love a particular outfit, use it, or bring it along for us to try. For family portraits, I suggest something for everyone that has the same tone, not necessarily colour. The key is comfort – and something that makes you feel great. Please be wary of stripes, plaid, words and logos on your clothing, as these things can be a distraction from your beautiful family.

Can I do anything to help the session run smoothly?

A full tummy helps keep children happy and satisfied during their portrait session. I encourage you to bring some snacks and water/juice just in case your little one needs to take a break. And, it’s a good distraction if they need to take five from the session.

What can we expect at the session?

My style is simple, natural photos that fit your lifestyle, your family, and the way you live. To that end, I want to capture what makes you and yours special. As Vancouver’s Child Photographer, I do use some props, but tend to rely on the setting at hand and capturing those candid moments among kids and families. We’ll spend a few minutes together before the session getting to know one another. It will be much easier to photograph the sparkle in your child’s eyes, that special grin, or unique curiosity if they’re comfortable working with me.

Can we use the photo on a birthday invitation or Christmas card?

Absolutely. In addition to photography, I also work in graphic design. I’d be happy to help you create a custom birthday invitation or holiday card – a set of 25 is $65. If you aren’t booking a family session, let me know in advance so we make sure to get you into the frame for a few pictures.