16 Days of Gwenneth | Bloom Fine Art Group | Vancouver, Lower Mainland Portrait Photographer - Kamloops Child & Family Photographer - Meagan Baker
Mar 2013

16 Days of Gwenneth | Bloom Fine Art Group | Vancouver, Lower Mainland Portrait Photographer

It’s that time again – another post for The Bloom Forum’s fine art group that I joined this year. I hope you made it through the circle last month as it was full of amazing images from talented photographers. This month I am sharing a collection of images I shot of our daughter during our vacation in Costa Rica. This was a fun project for me to take on while we were away. I committed to taking at least a photograph a day of our little sweetie to capture all of her silliness. I think it showcases her perfectly – and all of her moods. See you next month with some more images.

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Please take some time to visit the very talented ladies in this group. Next up is Eleanor Haley, Baltimore Child Photographer.

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